PRODUCTSFinest Selection of Medical Cannabis

OUR PRODUCTSPremium Products, Thoughtfully Made For You

WE OFFERMedical Cannabis

Consist of high-quality flower, extracts for vaporization, tinctures, capsules, ointment, and balms

Top Shelf Rootz strive to provide our clients with both high end and affordable, hemp derived THC & CBD products.


Θ Maintain high quality through vertical integration
Θ Botanical combinations
Θ Multifaceted treatment (treat pain and mood)
Θ Strict agricultural practices provide efficiency and quality
Θ Extraction process results in a more effective, organic product

TECHNOLOGYEthanol Extraction

State of the art ethanol equipment can be automated or controlled digitally. Ethanol can create a full spectrum THC/CBD extracts and tinctures.

Top Shelf Rootz use a High Production Extraction system, which is equipped for ethanol-based solvents, to get a CBD primary extract containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.


Θ FDA approved “Generally Regarded as Safe,” GRAS, it is safe for human consumption
Θ Reusable
Θ Safe, effective and efficient
Θ Strict agricultural practices provide efficiency and quality
Θ Eliminates dewax or winterization

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Top Shelf Rootz aims to be a pioneering manufacturer in the international cannabis market, creating high quality products with the most advanced cultivation and extraction techniques

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